Ganoderma coffee related experiences

You should trust your own experiences and don’t listen to others.

Ganoderma coffee related experiences

You should trust your own experiences and don’t listen to others.

On this page you’ll find some of our costumers reviews. It’s always best to rely on your own experiences but just for the heck of it lets see what others are saying. The main point is that it’s not dangerous to consume ganoderma coffee. After reading the reviews we encourage you to have your own experience with ganoderma.

This makes me happy and hopefully it will make you happy too.

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What do cunsomers say?

I consume DXN coffees since May 2016.

Surprisingly, after 1 or 2 months it stabilized my blood pressure which used to be high, and my excess acid production ceased, too.

The coffee fills me with energy and makes my day more beautiful.

It’s hard to say, which is my favourite from the 8 types of coffee available at DXN, because all are very tasty. I like 3in1, Cream Coffee and Black Coffee the most.

I drink one every morning but sometimes I take one during the afternoon, too.

I let it melt in a water of 50 to 60 degrees. Sometimes I put whipped cream and cinnamon on the top.

I can recommend it anytime!

György Dorman

Kecskemét, Hungary

Before the age of 29 I didn’t drink coffee at all, I didn’t like the taste of the traditional, cooked coffee. But beside 2 little children I almost had no energy, I couldn’t even use my little free time well. This was when I found DXN coffee, the taste of which seized me and gave me lots of energy straight.

Since then I drink a cup of it every morning and I feel its effect until late night. I experienced at the beginning already that it enhances digestion, it helped me reach and keep my ideal body weight. I sleep very well and tight and in the morning I wake up filled with energy.

My favourite one used to be Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1, but last year I changed to Mace EU Café. I pour just hot water to it, that’s how it’s perfect to me.

Judit Faragone Keserü

Kecskemét, Hungary

I’ve been drinking DXN coffee since 2015. Before that the only reason for me to drink coffee in the morning was to feel its vitalizing effect, but by now I drink it for its taste, too, even 2 to 3 times per day.

Cream Coffee was my ever best choice as a beginning, not too many types can compete with its tender, silky, creamy taste. It’s a fine, refreshing but also relaxing pampering in the running weekdays. A bit of sweetener and milk makes the total impact perfect for me.

I know and also feel that it has a good effect on my digestion, my headache always disappears after drinking it, it refreshes me, it lifts me up, and since I drink this coffee, my blood pressure is stabilized, too.

It came only later that I fell in love with the aromatic flavour of Lingzhi Black Coffee. Today I choose this coffee when I need energy quickly, then it can hit.

On more special days I drink Maca Vita coffee, which helps me retain my health even more, through the Maca root extract it contains.

Rarely, if I have the opportunity, I drink Cordyceps coffee. It gives me more power and energy, so I drink it before doing sports.

I always drink coffee hot, it tastes totally different from a warm coffee, I can feel the yummy taste of this nectar even while rolling down through my throat.

Alexandra Fazekas

Budapest, Hungary

I’ve been drinking the DXN 3in1 coffee since August 2014. This is my favourite type, although I enjoy drinking Zhi Mocha, too. I could never drink coffee, I was just jealously watching people who were sipping that good smelling, steaming drink while happily chatting with each other. When I smelled coffee, it made my mouth water, but after a couple of sips I started to have strong palpitations, bad feeling and my pulse increased, so I stopped dreaming about ever drinking coffee.

But when I tasted the DXN 3in1 coffee, I experienced freshness, good feelings, my heart didn’t want to jump out of its place and I’m much more fit. I have no heartburns and I’m fine, even with little sleep. From that time on, I drink 2 to 3 coffees per day, I cannot imagine getting up without it.

I pour hot water on it in my favourite cup and I drink it with a bit of sweetener and coffee cream.

I’m happy I’m also able to enjoy the passion of drinking coffee and my immune system is also being protected, thanks to the medicinal mushroom in it.”

Mariann Papp

Csenger, Hungary

I’ve been drinking DXN Lingzhi 3in1 since 2015, 3 cups a day. I prefer pouring half a sachet of coffee into one and a half decilitre of water.

I tried it because I heard that the alkalizing effect of the ganoderma mushroom helps with stomach acidity problems. Luckily I didn’t get disappointed, after a few days my pains have disappeared.

But I also experienced something that I never expected!

I’ve had a knee pain for years then, I was already thinking of a surgery. Then about half a year after starting to drink DXN coffee my pain started to lessen, and later my knee pains totally disappeared. Since then my knee is alright again!

Thank you, DXN!

Lajos Petrányi

Kecskemét, Hungary

First I tasted DXN ganoderma coffee in 2014. I wouldn’t have thought that I’d set aside my premium coffee and change it to this healthy ganoderma coffee. But since then I drink my medicinal coffee every morning and afternoon. I like when pouring the instant coffee into hot water and stirring it, it’ll become a fine and foamy, mouth-watering hot drink.

Hmmm, it’s very tempting, even above 60! J

I almost tried all coffee types, all are very tasty, but my favourite is Lingzhi Coffee 3in1 because of its silky and soft flavour.

My daily 2 coffees refresh me and keep me active fully. It’s an extra advantage that I don’t have a stomach burn anymore, my blood pressure is not increasing from it, so I feel very good the whole day.

Anikó Tamtomne Bors

Bakonyszombathely, Hungary

I started drinking DXN coffees in 2015. Since then I’m more energetic, I drink less coffee per day (now it’s only 2 cups in the morning and after lunch), and the most important for me is that I don’t have a stomach burn anymore, even if I drink it on an empty stomach. Just a couple of days after changing to DXN coffee, my stomach burn stopped.

My favourite from the offer is Lingzhi Coffee 3in1, and if I need extra energy during the day, then I usually choose Maca Vita Café. I always prepare the coffees with warm water. When I’m at home, I usually add another half teaspoon of sugar and a bit of milk, too. If I’m on the road, then I enjoy my coffee without the ‘extras’.

Edina Tökesne Horvath

Ózd, Hungary

The relationship with my favourite coffee started in 2010.

That morning I poured the whole sachet into my dearest, huge mug. That day was just like every other: I drank my coffee sitting in my favourite armchair while I was enjoying the view and thinking through my daily tasks.

Something has changed for everthough. I realized in the evening that I had not even thought of making another coffee during the day – although I had been addicted to coffee for ages then, drinking 4 to 6 cups every day.

I was also aware that if I drink coffee instead of water, I will gain weight from the sugar, so I was happy I could drink DXN 3in1 instead.

In the beginning I had 2 to 3 sachets per day. Today, when I don’t need so much coffee or sugar, it happens that I split only one sachet in 2 days.

I feel good, I keep my weight, I don’t use any drugs, I never even had the flu. I’m not getting older, only the number of my age is getting higher.

The secret is having 2 to 3 coffees per day: one in the morning, letting the day start relaxed, one at around 10 a.m., after some hours of intensive work, and a third on in the afternoon, at around 4 to 6 p.m., for closing the day.

It’s always a ritual for me: only hot water, the instant DXN 3in1 coffee in my favourite mug and I. Because I deserve the best. And not only once a day.

Anikó Farkas

Szada, Hungary

What is instant coffee?

Many people think that instant coffee is lesser quality then a freshly ground coffee. How does instant coffee is made? The answer may surprise you. Instantcoffee is a freshly brewed coffee that’s been dried out during a cold drying out process. When we add hot water we replace the water that was evaporated during the drying our process. Now we have fresh coffee again.


Drinking coffee does not replace the need for sleep. Ganoderma coffee is not medication, does not claim to heal, it’s a beverage. Its is true that our eating habits have direct effect on our health, therefore we should consume organic, and wholesome foods, that is rich in minerals and vitamins. Drinking ganoderma coffee does not replace the above need for a nutritious and well balanced diet.

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Csilla Bojtos-Svab

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